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A.T.E. – A.G.E. – S.T.T.E.

Avioelectronics is a company with a great knowledge for designing, development, repairing and upgrading of AGE, ATE, STTE, specific ones as well as General Purpose ones. Avioelectronics is already expert in technical mantainance, repair and certification of avionic units.

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List of some products for repair, certification and mantainance.


Product List

Capability List

Avionic featured products

Ricetrasmettitore radar meteo - P/N: 4000831-0103
Produttore: Bendix

Servomotore Collins - P/N: 792-6781-001
Produttore: Collins

Amplificatore ed Alimentatore Sperry - P/N: 2575892
Produttore: Sperry

Renewable energy

“Consume less and consume better”

For companies that need to reduce the cost of management to have more free resources to invest in its core business, the Energy Management is a key point. AVIOELECTRONICS S.R.L. offers to companies and public administrations an integrated system solutions for the production of renewable energy and for the adjustment to the current rules on energy saving. There are two ways :
the optimization of energy use, which is a more conscious use
of energy sources that avoid, where possible, waste
the self-production by technologies with a low environmental impact

Don't contribute to climate change
Don't produce acid rain
Don't have serious security problems(for example, nuclear waste)
Help to reduce air pollution
Don't produce toxic waste
Offer constant sources of energy
Promote economic development

“Main components”

Solar Panel
Charge Controller
Storage Battery
Structure: case, frame and arm

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