About Us

Avioelectronics is already expert in technical mantainance, repair and certification of avionic units.

Avioelectronics is a company with a great knowledge for designing, development, repairing and upgrading of AGE, ATE, STTE, specific ones as well as General Purpose ones.

AVIOECTRONICS S.R.L. is an international reality that in 2012 decided to make available its experience and expertise in the renewable energy sector and in the area of ​​avionic services & products.

Our qualified personnel offers a full and customized support for our customer. In last years it has grown steadily the focus on the theme of the environment and energy conservation. With this expression, in particular, refers to the set of technologies and behaviors to promote a more conscious and careful management of energy.
AVIOELECTRONICS S.R.L., sensitive to environmental issues, works in harmony with nature by offering products and services designed to optimize energy consumption, reducing waste and therefore costs.

Our Mission

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Why choose to invest in renewable energy source?

  • Don't contribute to climate change

  • Don't produce acid rain

  • Don't have serious security problems (for example, nuclear waste)

  • Help to reduce air pollution

  • Don't produce toxic waste

  • Offer constant sources of energy

  • Promote economic development